The Foundation's projects shown to Pope Francis

Here the Land, There the Sea

As if to say: "You don't need to knock, you are brothers and it will be opened to you".
(Lampedusa Door-Gate of Europe)

To You, Who Are My Brother

The messages of the young Spaniards entrusted to the Lampedusa Cross, like a wall of tears.

The movement of the cross

Touched by millions of people, it is traveling miles and miles of road.

From Lifers' Hands To The Heart of Africa

The hosts of the Opera prison bring Christ all over the world.

My Free Song

It has barbed wire cords and is silent, but Kounellis' violin scratches the conscience of governments asking for prison reform


The Peoples' Orchestra, growing in harmony.

“This Is The Boat That Saved Me”

The Lampedusa Cross continues its journey among the people.

“With Our Hands Once Bloody”

Blessing of the hosts of the Opera prison.
(St. Peter's Square, April 2016)

The Street Pastoral Care

Blessing of the Pastoral of Mercy made with the plates of the slums of Nairobi.
(St. Peter's Square, October 2016)

The Mandate: “Take It Everywhere”

Blessing of the Lampedusa Cross.
(St. Peter's Square, April 2014)

In Christ

The Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti Foundation: a world at the service of the Church in accordance with the Second Vatican Council.
(in Nairobi)