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Help us to grow a Eucharistic culture that puts the dignity of every human person at the center.

The Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti Foundation was created to support the weakest of the "least" from all over the world in situations of social unease. Your support is important to help us give hope to many people by promoting the culture of human dignity. For the Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti Foundation your donation will allow us to accompany and support many young people and adults through cultural, artistic and professional paths.

Because everyone has a talent and we need your help to give paths of working life and human growth to many people in a state of discomfort.

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The friends of the Foundation can play a special role in the development and growth of the Foundation's projects in Italy and worldwide. With their help it will be possible to:


  1. Designing and implementing new host workshops in different countries of the world with two main objectives: to involve fragile people by giving them a new dignity through work and to witness a Eucharistic culture that knows how to spread to believers and non-believers the mystery of the presence of Christ in the Eucharist;


  1. Share and organize the trip of the Croce di Lampedusa, built with the wood of sunken boats, in those countries where people run away due to wars and hunger. With these trips we want to be witnesses of a humanity on the run that suffers and struggles for the hope and redemption of these peoples.


  1. Allow many children from all over the world and in a social emergency to participate in the project of the Small Orchestra dei Popoli Vittorio Baldoni;
  2. Participate in the various initiatives of the Foundation also in the proposal, planning and verification phase of the expected results.

With your legacy the projects of the Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti Foundation will be able to live even after you and support many people in need and spread a Eucharistic culture in the world that places the dignity of every human person at the center.


Making a "Testament of Solidarity" is an act of generosity and value that will live after us too. It means remembering in one's will, as heir (inheritance) or legatee (bequest), one or more associations, organizations, bodies. It is a simple and non-binding gesture, which can be rethought and modified at any time. You can allocate a sum of money, a movable, immovable property, a life insurance policy, the severance pay or the entire assets, clearly indicating the beneficiary organization you want to support.


There are two main forms of testament:

1) Holographic testament

It consists of a simple sheet of paper written in one's own hand in pen and dated and signed by himself. The three requirements are necessary in order to validate the will. The will must be kept by the testator himself, entrusted to a trusted subject or a notary.

2) Public testament

The public will is drawn up by the notary, who collects the will of the testator and puts them in writing, in the presence of two witnesses. The will shows the indication of the place and date and is signed by the notary, testator and witnesses.

The Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti Foundation puts at the center of its interventions the dignity of every human being without language and culture borders. The companies will see the Foundation as a reference point for adopting socially useful behavior through corporate social responsibility.