Life projects of the young people currently involved in the host production workshop


From street to school. Now his dream is to become a policeman.

He is one of the young people working in the host production workshop.
He never met his father. His mother was too young to protect and raise him. As a teenager, he lived for three years alone in a poor and infamous neighborhood. He so became a street boy and went to jail for stealing. Today he attends school and his dream is to become a policeman to help others.


His dream is to enter the military academy

Sebastiao is working with Custodio in the host production workshop..
He is 18 years old. At 10, an accident kept him immobilized for 2 years. He then went to live with his grandfather in a bad neighborhood where he used to steal with his street friends. When he was a minor, he received an alternative sentence to prison and attended school in the Casa da MisericordiaHe dreams of entering the military academy and making a military career.


Once abandoned, he has been welcomed by the Casa da Misericordia. He studies and dreams of becoming a tailor

Faquir is part of the group of  the young people who work in the host production workshop.
He is Muslim and 18 years old. After being abandoned by his father, he started stealing as a joke. Because of that, he was expelled from his neighborhood and so forced to live on the street. Here, asking for help, he met Father Antonio. Rescued by the father, he then became the altar boy in the Casa da Misericordia. He is currently attending school to learn how to sew. He dreams of becoming Father Faquir one day.


From poverty to the Casa da Misericordia, Nazir is now dreaming of a respectable life 

Also Nazir is working at the host production workshop.
He comes from great poverty. He was not able to go to school. As a teenager he began immediately to commit crimes until he went to prison. Now he is studying and learning to be a tailor. His dream is to become a model.


From prison to the Casa da Misericordia, Abel now dreams of getting his driver's license and taking care of others.

Abel works at the host production workshop together with other young lads
He is 29 years old. The father leaved the family when he was 5 years old. His mother died when he was 20. He went to live alone and joined a gang of street friends. He then ended up in jail.

He dreams of getting his driver's license and working as a social worker in the Casa da Misericordia.

April 2021.
The new team ready to work in the eucharistic workshop.

Father Antonio Perretta has let us know that in this period of pandemic host requests have reduced and that the reopening of churches is awaited.

GILDO and NOVO have concluded their period of work. In the meantime, the Negerian ESER, welcomed by the Casa da Misericordia, has entered  the “eucharistic workshop”.

DAVID, who is suffering from AIDS, is entering the Casa da Misericordia but is already available to the workshop as soon as it is needed.

When production starts again, two newcomers will enter the Casa da Misericordia: MAX and AARON.

Dreams Come True

The young people involved in the host production workshop and come out of the Casa da Misericordia after professional preparation

Antonio and David, with Father Antonio Perretta, thank the Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti Foundation


He has been rehabilitated, left prison and now he is dreaming of becoming a quality tailor and buying his own house

After finishing the period of work in the "eucharistic workshop", he entered the "cutting and sewing" program, where he is preparing to fulfill his dream of becoming a tailor. Soon he will return to his family with the dignity of work.


Novo has been also involved by Father Antonio Perretta in the host production workshop.

Now he's out and he's joining the cutting and sewing program. He is making his dream of being a quality tailor come true. He wants to sew his designs and present them by himself.

In the following video, Gildo and Novo, together with Father Antonio Perretta, are thanking the Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti Foundation, showing the donated sewing machines.

Giovanni Paolo

Orphan, prisoner, alone. Paolo has found salvation in the Casa da Misericordia.

He's 24 years old.

He attended the sewing course and was helped with his reintegration.
He wanted to return to his homeland to try to reconnect family ties. He wants to become a tailor.


Through work, a future full of hope.

He's 17 years old.

After the period of time at the Casa da Misericordia indicated by the court, he then returned to his family. He is now working at a gas station.


After the training period, Luis has reunited with his family.

He's 47 years old.

He is the pioneer of the host production laboratory.

After the period of training at the Casa da Misericordia, he has found a job as a gardener in a religious house. He has returned to live with his family and to follow his 7 children.