The project

The Peoples’ Little Orchestra by Vittorio Baldoni

At the center, ethnic and cultural plurality as values for exchange and growth

The Peoples’ Little Orchestra by Vittorio Baldoni is a project born from the experience gained in the Foundation since its birth, to support children and young people from contexts of marginalization through music. The project involved some great artists, including Franco Battiato, Nicola Piovani, Eugenio Finardi.

Starting from this year, the project is entirely dedicated to primary school children, so that the "The Peoples’ Little Orchestra by Vittorio Baldoni" can be born, which will involve children from different parts of the world.

This project, which aims to focus on the importance of ethnic and cultural plurality as a value of exchange and growth for each child, was born in collaboration with the Luigi Cadorna school in Milan, a highly multi-ethnic neighborhood where cultural and social poverty is widespread. The "Little Orchestra dei Popoli Vittorio Baldoni" will activate music, theater, set design, singing, writing and musical composition workshops for children aged between 8 and 11 years. Our goal is to replicate this multicultural integration project through music in neighborhoods where social and educational poverty is widespread thanks to the collaboration with Song-Sistema Lombardia and other international partners such as Dream Orchestra "(Sweden)," ElSistema Greece " (Greece), "Hangarmusik" (Germany).


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