The Porta Santa de Fisterra was opened with the arrival of the Lampedusa Cross

The Porta Santa de Fisterra was opened in conjunction with the arrival of the Lampedusa Cross, a symbol of migrants and refugees.

The Lampedusa Cross in Santiago

On October 20, the Santiago Minor Seminary hosted the Lampedusa Cross.

From Buenos Aires to Rome

In May 2021 Argentine President Alberto Fernàndez donated to the Pope the hosts produced in the "eucharistic workshop" in Buenos Aires

"Il desiderio allarga il cuore"

A book that the Foundation give as a sign of hope.


Poetry is brought into schools through a contest in memory of Alda Merini

Alcide De Gasperi's "La Vita di Gesù"

The evidence of an extremely touching story in the life of Alcide De Gasperi

The "Stabat Mater" Project

A crown of hope in Coronavirus time

Porta di Lampedusa - Gateway to Europe

October 3, is the day of the inauguration of the Porta di Lampedusa - the restored Gateway to Europe

A fundraiser to the "Door to Europe"

Unicoop Firenze has launched a fundraiser to redevelop the "Door to Europe"

Masks Production Workshop in Mozambique

A Antonio Perretta's project in Maputo supported by our Foundation.